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Find your next sports partner, start a new hobby or find a new place to do your favorite sport. You can search users by gender, age, geographical location, and by specific sports or activities.

Reach out to other sports enthusiasts, introduce yourself and grow your community. You can approve or deny messaging requests and even block unwanted messages from previously approved profiles.

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Sponsored Local Businesses

As a Klub Hive member, you will get exclusive access to our community deals and specials.

We only sponsor businesses we know will provide the excellent service and the experience you'd expect from being part of our community! Are you looking to start a new hobby or try a new sport? Look here first to see what specials our team partners are offering. Search for a beginner on our app to find someone to try it out with so you don't have to go alone.

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Several times a week you will have the opportunity to receive an instant special for something sport or health related in our community. Experience a new supplement, food, activity or luxury that only Klub Hive members have access to. NO clipping coupons or worrying about the quality of the offer. We do the work for you so you can receive access to specials that enhance your active lifestyle!

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Receive notifications for events in your area that interest you! Want to learn to golf? Hey, there's a beginning golf clinic next week just 5 miles away. Looking for a pickleball tournament? There's a round robin Friday in your town- we are your source for what's going on in your community that you'll want to be involved in.

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Are you looking for a mentor or expert to take your skills to the next level? Come to Klub Hive to find a skilled teacher and see their ratings

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